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Grindr Serial Killer: Stephen Port

Killer Queens

Grindr Serial Killer: Stephen Port

Killer Queens is a new series of historical fiction books based on true stories. The series explores the world of murder in the gay community, whether the victims or the killers themselves, and sometimes both, are homosexual.

While the previous two books of this series explored the lives and murders of LGBTQ people in the early twentieth century, Book 3 focuses on more modern times. It is based on the case of Stephen Port, a serial murderer in London, U.K., who was convicted of drugging, raping, and murdering four young men. He was also convicted of drugging and raping several other men. His victims were found through a new type of gay sex parties called 'Party N Play' or 'Chemsex' parties that have become all the rage.

This case has stirred a much-needed education about the whole LGBTQ community. It resulted in a new awareness of the everyday dangers facing gay men. The impacts of this case were considerable. A formal inquest into the police investigation confirmed that police failings probably contributed to the tragic fate of many of Port's victims. Many changes in how the police investigate modern-day crimes followed. It has even inspired the making of a U.K.-based TV series, Four Lives.

This book contains numerous actual letters from serial killer Stephen Port. They offer the reader a great perspective on how he thinks. Astonishingly, Port fancied himself a nurse and even provided advice on how to stay safe while working in the sex trade. Did Stephen Port kill these men and possibly more? Or was he just an innocent man who got into a lifestyle of chemsex, and it was merely bad luck that at least four of his partners who participated in chemsex with him turned up dead?




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