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Jack the Ripper

House of Mystery Interviews

Jack the Ripper

The House of Mystery Radioshow has been on the air for ten years, interviewing guests knowledgeable in the world's mysteries in science, religion, history, the paranormal, conspiracies, etc. The Interview Series does not attempt to solve these mysteries. Instead, each volume will provide the main points discussed during the show while interviewing the experts. The series will be an excellent reference for researchers and a good overview for those unfamiliar with each case. Links to the podcasts are included.

Scotland Yard's "Whitechapel Murder File," in which Jack the Ripper had a starring role, went cold before it could be solved. Yet the fascination with this mystery continues today. Ripperologists passionately debate suspects, opinions, research methods, and theories. Even which victims should be included in the case is widely debated. Astonishingly, the work continues. Today, Ripperologists are still finding new clues in this 132-year-old crime that brings us closer to solving the mystery.

Volume 1 of the Interview Series, Jack the Ripper, covers the ultimate 'who-done-it" mystery of 1888 London's Whitechapel. The list of credible and diverse thinkers interviewed on the show includes world-renowned historian Neil Storey, the Godfather of Ripper Research, Paul Begg, Ripperologists, Paul Williams, Tom Wescott, Adam Wood, and Steve Blomer. Michael Hawley contributes his unprecedented scientific approach to the case. Suspect Ripperologists Jeff Mudgett, whose great-great-grandfather was serial killer H.H. Holmes, weighs in, and Russell Edwards, who believes he solved the case through DNA, provides his opinion.




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