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Joanna Vander Vlugt is an author and illustrator. Her motorcycle illustrations have been purchased world-wide and her Woman Empowered motorcycle art series has been featured in on-line art and motorcycle magazines. In 2006 her short mysteries Egyptian Queen and The Parrot and Wild Mushroom Stuffing were published in the Crime Writers of Canada mystery anthologies. Her personal essay, No Beatles Reunion was published in the Dropped Threads 3: Beyond the Small Circle anthology.

The Unravelling, her debut thriller novel, was a Canadian Book Club Awards finalist. The sequel, Dealer’s Child, is set for release August/September 2021. She is proud of her podcast JCVArtStudio - From the Dressing Room and being able to promote authors and artists.

Dec 5, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Joanna Vandewr Vlugt about her book Dealer's Child (Jade & Sage Thriller)


kelly j ford.jpg


Kelly J. Ford is the author of Real Bad Things (summer 2022) and the award-winning Cottonmouths, a novel of “impressive depths of character and setting” according to the Los Angeles Review, which named it one of their Best Books of 2017.

An Arkansas native, Kelly writes about the power and pitfalls of friendship, the danger of long-held secrets, and the transcendent grittiness of the Ozarks and their surrounds.

She lives in Vermont with her wife and cat.

Kelly is also a co-host of the Writer’s Bone podcast Happy Hour episodes

Aug 16, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Kelly J. Ford  about her book Real Bad Things 




Devil's Chew Toy is a contemporary traditional mystery, featuring a rainbow cast of kick-ass amateur sleuths. Rob's first mystery short story, Analogue, published 2021 in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, won the 2022 Robert L Fish Award, as part of Mystery Writers of America's annual Edgar Awards. After many years of living in Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco, he resides in southern California with his long-time partner and a tall, gray cat. Discover more at

Aug 10 , 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Rob Osler  about his book Devil's Chew Toy


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Scott Alexander Hess earned his MFA in creative writing from The New School. Hess co-wrote Tom in America, an award winning short film starring Sally Kirkland and Burt Young. His novel The Butcher’s Sons was named a Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Book of 2015. His novel Skyscraper was a Lambda Literary Award finalist. His work has been translated into German. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Hess now lives in Manhattan, New York with his husband.

Aug 8, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Scott Alexander Hess   about his book Skyscraper

Ann Aptaker



Lambda Literary Award (The Lammy) and Goldie Award winner, native New Yorker Ann Aptaker has earned a reputation as a respected if cheeky exhibition designer and curator of art during her career in museums and galleries. Taking the approach that what art authorities find uncomfortable the public would likely enjoy, exhibitions Ann has curated have garnered favorable reviews in the New York Times, Art in America, American Art Review, and other publications.


She brings the same attitude and philosophy to her first love: writing, especially a tangy variety of historical crime fiction. Ann's short stories have appeared in two editions (2003 and 2004) of the noir crime anthology Fedora. Her flash fiction story, "A Night In Town," appeared in the online zine Punk Soul Poet. In addition to curating and designing art exhibitions and writing crime stories, Ann is also an art writer and an adjunct professor of art history at the New York Institute of Technology.

Ann can be messaged through her Facebook page, Ann Aptaker, Author. Follow Ann on Twitter: @AnnAptaker and on Instagram: ann_aptaker

July 18, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Ann Aptaker about her book Hunting Gold (Cantor Gold Crime Series Book 6)


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GREG HERREN is an award-winning New Orleans author and editor. He writes two mystery series--the Chanse MacLeod and Scotty Bradley novels--and also writes young adult fiction.His novel Murder in the Rue Chartres won a Lambda Literary Award in the Gay Mystery category at the 2008 Lambda Literary Awards and his anthology Love, Bourbon Street: Reflections of New Orleans, co-edited with Paul J. Willis, won in the anthologies category at the 2007 Lambda Literary Awards.
He was also nominated in the mystery category in 2003 for Murder in the Rue Dauphine, in 2004 for Bourbon Street Blues in 2005 for Jackson Square Jazz, in 2007 for Mardi Gras Mambo, in 2010 for Murder in the Garden District and in 2011 for Vieux Carré Voodoo, in the anthologies category in 2005 for Shadows of the Night: Queer Tales of the Uncanny and Unusual and in the science fiction, fantasy and horror category in 2013 for the anthology Night Shadows: Queer Horror, co-edited with J.M. Redmann. As Todd Gregory, he was also nominated in the Gay Erotica category in 2010 for the anthology Rough Trade: Dangerous Gay Erotica and in 2013 for the anthology Raising Hell: Demonic Gay Erotica

July 11, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Greg Herren about his book She Deserves It


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Jim Provenzano is the author of seven novels (including a Lambda Literary Award winner and finalist), several stage plays and a short fiction collection. Degrees include a BFA in Dance from Ohio State University and an MA in English from San Francisco State University. A journalist in LGBT media since 1989, he wrote the award-winning syndicated Sports Complex column for ten years, and is currently Arts & Nightlife Editor for the Bay Area Reporter.

June 30  , 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Jim Provenzano  about his book The Lost of New York 

P David Ebersole



P David Ebersole is a filmmaker & TV director, working in narrative & documentary. Raised in Hollywood, he is the son of a psychologist & his stepfather was the City Editor of the LA Times.

He began his career as a child actor, playing the lead in the musical "Junior High School" (1978), which co-starred Paula Abdul. Stepping behind the camera, he earned his MFA winning AFI’s Schaffner award for best film/best director for his student thesis, "Death in Venice, CA" (1994). He directed the boxing film "Straight Right" (2000) & two prime time telenovelas, "Desire" & "Wicked Wicked Games" (2007) starring Tatum O’Neal.

He directed & edited his first doc "Hit So Hard" (2012) on drummer Patty Schemel of the grunge band Hole. Along with husband Todd Hughes, he is Exec Producer of the subjective doc "Room 237" (2012), & "Dear Mom Love Cher" (2013), which he also directed. The duo directed/produced "Mansfield 66/67" (2017) about the last years of Jayne Mansfield’s life, the award-winning "House of Cardin" (2019) & "My Name Is Lopez" (2021) about trailblazing Latino rocker Trini Lopez.

June 16, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author P. David Ebersole about his book 99 Miles from L.A. 




Alvin Orloff began writing in 1977, while still a teenager, penning lyrics for The Blowdryers, an early San Francisco punk band. He spent the 1980s working as a telemarketer and exotic dancer while concurrently attending U.C. Berkeley and performing with The Popstitutes, a “Homocore” punk band. In 1990 he and his bandmates founded Klubstitute, a floating queer cabaret devoted to the ideal of cultural democracy that featured spoken word, theater, drag, and musical acts. In 1995 the club, whose staff and patrons had been ravaged by AIDS epidemic, closed its doors and Orloff turned his attention to literature. He subsequently published three novels, I Married an Earthling, Gutter Boys, and Why Aren't You Smiling? His latest book is Disasterama! Adventures in The Queer Underground 1977 - 1997, which was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Memoir. Orloff holds an MFA in creative writing from San Francisco State University, lives in San Francisco, and is the proprietor of Fabulosa Books, the city’s premier LGBTQ+ bookstore.

June 9 , 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Alvin Orloff about his new book Disasterama! Disasterama!: Adventures in the Queer Underground 1977 to 1997


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Matthew Clark Davison's is the author of Doubting Thomas (Amble Press '21). He is creator and teacher of The Lab :: Writing Classes with MCD, a non-academic school started in 2007 in a friend's living room on Douglass Street. The textbook version of The Lab, co-authored by bestselling writer Alice LaPlante, will be published by W.W. Norton & Co. in 2022.  His prose has been recently anthologized in Empty The Pews (Epiphany Publishing) and 580-Split; and published in or on LitHub, The Advocate, Exquisite Pandemic, Guernica, The Atlantic Monthly, Foglifter, Lumina Magazine, Fourteen Hills, Per Contra, Educe, and others; and has been recognized with a Creative Work Grant, Cultural Equities Grant. Clark Gross Award for a Novel-in-Progress, and a Stonewall Alumni Award.

May 18 , 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Matthew Clark Davison about his book Doubting Thomas: A Novel




In 2021, Caputo’s second book (CHAMELEON: A Memoir) was published. This memoir shows another side of the author in which he vividly describes his harrowing journey coming out of the closet and living authentically, post-Stonewall, pre-HIV/AIDS epidemic, and thereafter. In addition, Caputo discusses how the Christian Right has been notorious for using their Bible to discriminate and relentlessly trying to derail the progress of the LGBTQ+ community while denying them their fundamental human and American rights

In 2008, Michael Caputo started his own business. He did that for six years and became one of the most famous massage therapists on the planet when the Daily News interviewed him in May of 2012 in light of the John Travolta sex scandal involving numerous male massage therapists from around the country. Caputo unexpectedly ended up on the front page of the Daily News and was written up in People Magazine and the National Enquirer. For weeks he was bombarded with phone calls from all the major media outlets worldwide begging him for an interview.

May 12, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Michael Caputo  about his two memoirs Chameleon: A Memoir & Dear Pat Cooper


daniel m jaffe.jpg


Daniel M. Jaffe is an award-winning writer whose short stories and personal essays have appeared in over half a dozen countries and several languages. The recipient of a Norman Mailer Writers Colony Residency in Provincetown, MA, Daniel has been profiled in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature. His work has been taught in college and university courses, and he holds degrees from Princeton University (A.B.), Harvard Law School (J.D.), and Vermont College of Fine Arts (M.F.A.). He lives in California with his husband, the writer and professor, Leo Cabranes-Grant.

May 10, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Daniel M. Jaffe about his new book The Grand Sex Tours Murder 




Michael Craft is the author of 18 published novels, four of which have been honored as finalists for Lambda Literary Awards. His 2019 mystery, "ChoirMaster," was a Gold Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award. His prize-winning short fiction has appeared in British as well as American literary journals. Craft grew up in Illinois and spent his middle years in Wisconsin, which inspired the fictitious small-town setting of Dumont, used in several of his past books. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles, and now lives in Rancho Mirage, California, near Palm Springs, which provides the setting of his latest novel, "Desert Getaway." In 2017, Michael Craft's professional archives were acquired by the Special Collections Department of the Rivera Library at the University of California, Riverside. Visit the author’s website at

May 2, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Michael Craft about his new book Desert Getaway




Kind Soul Closet Maniac is about a scared white kid Growing up in abject poverty in the ghetto of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Raised by “black out” alcoholic parents. Trying to navigate the violence, fear and child abuse put upon him and his siblings by abusive, malicious people. Finally escaping that situation only due to the house burning down and killing his mother. He went to live with a sibling in an all-white neighborhood but the violence at home was the same.
He escaped it all at around 16 and he tried to navigate life completely through trial and error. Trying to come to terms with his addiction to alcohol and doing every thing he could to not repeat the cycle of violence and substance abuse he witnessed and suffered as a child.
Finding true love and having it stolen away by cancer, he loses his battle to stay sober and is once again crashing down. A cycle that repeats itself to this day. The peaks and valleys he experiences in his life are supplied by an indomitable will that keeps him moving forward. Farther and faster away from a horrible beginning. And trying to fight against addiction to alcohol that keeps him crashing. Time after time.
There are many funny moments that come through. Our protagonist never gives up hope for better tomorrow. He tries to work his way through the anger he feels about his childhood. No, the rage he feels. Most of his struggle is to never become what he witnessed and was put upon him as a child. He fights against becoming the Closet Maniac. Is it too late?
In the end of it all, this is a tale of a kid trying to escape a horrible past and navigate an uncertain future. All the while never giving up, and eventually coming to terms with life. Ever vigilant and ever hopeful.
This is my life's story.

April 25 , 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Edward Cleaves  his new book Kind Soul Closet Maniac : A Memoir 




Brought up in Australia, between the bush and the beaches of the Eastern suburbs, I retired in 2015 and now live in the tropics, writing, gardening, and finally finding time to enjoy life and to re-establish a connection with who I am after a very busy career on the stage and as an academic.

I write mostly historical gay fiction. The stories are always about relationships and the inner workings of men; sometimes my fellas get down to the nitty-gritty, sometimes it's up to you, the reader, to fill in the blanks. 

Every book is story-driven; spies, detectives, murders, epic dramas, there's something for everyone. I also love to write about my country and the things that make us Aussies and our history different from the rest of the world.

I'm research-driven. I always try to do my best to give the reader a sense of what life was like for my main characters in the world they live in.

Visit my website for news, blogs, and upcoming titles:

April 13, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Garrick Jones about his new book Servants of the Crown: The Turkish Pretender


david perry.jpg


David Eugene Perry is the founder and CEO of the public relations firm David Perry & Associates, Inc. For 10 years, he was the host and creator of 10 Percent TV, the longest running LGBTQ TV show in California history. He has written for such publications as The Advocate, the San Francisco Examiner, Omni, The Desert Sun and The Utne Reader and hosts an online interview show Ahoy! He and his husband, Alfredo Casuso, live in Palm Springs with frequent trips to San Francisco, and when possible, Orvieto and Spain. His first novel, Upon This Rock, has been critically acclaimed, including praise from Tales of The City author Armistead Maupin who called the book “an elegant, twisty thriller” and from Fenton Johnson who said Upon This Rock is “the gay ‘DaVinci Code’ but a lot better.” Upon This Rock is the winner of the 2021 Ben Franklin Silver Medal from the Independent Book Publishers Association and “Best Gay Book of 2021” from the San Francisco Book Festival. The book is currently being developed as a screenplay for TV and film options and actively seeking European distribution, especially an Italian translation.

March 9, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author David Eugene Perry  about his new book Upon This Rock 




Meredith Doench is the author of the Luce Hansen Thriller Series from Bold Strokes Books. Crossed, the first in the series was published in August of 2015 and was the runner-up for the 2015 IndieFab Awards in the Mystery Genre. Crossed was also awarded the Nancy Dasher Award in 2017 from the College English Association of Ohio. The second novel in the Luce Hansen Series, Forsaken Trust, was published in May of 2017 followed by Deadeye in July of 2019.

March 7, 2022

About the Interview:

Interview with author Meredith Doench  about her new book Whereabouts Unknown 


david domine.jpg


From Victorian folklore to recipes with bourbon, Kentucky spirits often come alive in the narratives of David Dominé, an author whose numerous books showcase the rich cultural heritage of his adopted state. David not only uses his art to draw attention to sites of historical interest, such as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail or the stunning Old Louisville preservation district, he also highlights the legacy that has shaped the region’s exceptional folk traditions and culinary past. The result is a body of work that includes memoirs, travel journals, historical sketches, cook books, and photographic essays, all painting an inviting picture of the state he has called home since 1993.

Oct 4, 2021




I live, and write, in Washington, DC. At the core, my writing includes broad themes of diversity. I'm a huge fan of British mysteries on PBS. I love research that takes me deep into the rabbit hole.

My first book, Long Way Home: A World War II Novel, draws on all my experiences and observations about ambition, race, class and "dreams deferred", and was a double finalist (Historical Fiction; African American Literature) in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.I'm the author of The Charlie Mack Motown Mystery series for Bywater Books. There are five books in the series: Bury Me When I'm Dead (Lambda Literary Award finalist), Wake Me When It's Over (2019 Detroit Public Library African American Book List), Catch Me When I'm Falling (2020 Next Generation Indie Book Award-Mystery finalist), Judge Me When I'm Wrong (2020 Goldie Winner-Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award), Find Me When I'm Lost (Lambda Literary and Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award Finalist), and Warn Me When It's Time (Release Date- June 29, 2021)

Sept 27, 2021

About the Interview:

Interview with Cheryl A. Head about the book Warn Me When It's Time



Exodus/ Pray Away 

Michael Bussee, one of the founders of Exodus and Gary Cooper, a leader within the ministry of Exodus, left the group to be in a relationship with each other in 1979. They divorced their wives and participated in a commitment ceremony in 1982. Bussee and Cooper lived together until Cooper's death from AIDS-related illness in 1991.
In June 2007, Bussee issued an apology for his involvement in promoting orientation change through Exodus. Also apologizing were Jeremy Marks, former president of Exodus International Europe, and Darlene Bogle, the founder of Paraklete Ministries, an Exodus referral agency. The apology stated in part "Some who heard our message were compelled to try to change an integral part of themselves, bringing harm to themselves and their families." Bussee stated, "In the almost 40 years since I started Exodus International, I can honestly say that I have never met a gay person who became heterosexual through conversion therapy or ex-gay programs. Yes, some stayed celibate for a time. Some even married and said they were happy. But most of those marriages ended with very painful divorces.

Aug 31, 2021

About the Interview:

Interview with Michael Bussee about the Netflix Documentary 'Pray Away'



Exodus/ Pray Away the Gay

Having grown up in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, in the ’80s, when the AIDS/HIV crisis was in full swing, Randy Thomas was not only exposed to constant homophobia but was also kicked out of home when he came out to his family. Apart from all this, there was also the bullying he suffered in public and the media’s snide remarks on his community. He thus moved to Texas, where he fell into the slippery slope of alcohol and drugs before he learned about an “ex-gay” ministry affiliated with Exodus in a local church. Randy soon devoted himself to the path and rose through the ranks

‘Pray Away’ is a Netflix original documentary movie that explores the story of a handful of individuals who either underwent the traumatic experience of conversion therapy or served as advocates for the “ex-gay movement.” With Exodus International and Freedom March, every similar group aimed at the LGBTQ+ community and promoting “change” through Christianity is highlighted, as their primary goals are the same. And it’s all done for the sobering reality check that such “treatments” are simply virulent, which former Vice President of Exodus agrees with. So, let’s find out more about him.

Aug 30, 2021

About the Interview:

Interview with the Ex-Vice President of Exodus Randy Thomas about the Netflix documentary 'Pray Away' 




Yvonne Zipter is the author of two nonfiction books (Ransacking the Closet and Diamonds Are a Dyke’s Best Friend), three poetry collections (Kissing the Long Face of the Greyhound, The Patience of Metal, and Like Some Bookie God), and a number of short stories, including “Günther’s Wife,” which won first place in LitPot ezine eclectic’s Flash Fiction Contest, and “Third Date,” which was selected for Best Lesbian Love Stories, 2005. She was also the author of the syndicated humor column “Inside Out,” on lesbian life, which ran for ten years in newspapers from Washington, DC, to Oklahoma City to San Diego after its debut in Chicago’s Windy City Times.

July 26, 2021

About the Interview:

Interview with author Yvonne Zipter about her book Infraction 


Vernon author photo (1).jpg


P. J. Vernon was born in South Carolina and has been called "a name to watch in the thriller genre" (Booklist). Library Journal and Book Riot compare his critically-acclaimed Gothic debut When You Find Me to Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects. His next thriller, Bath Haus, is forthcoming in June 2021 (Doubleday). Vernon is represented by Aevitas Creative Management and United Talent Agency (TV/film). He lives in Canada with his partner and two wily dogs.

July 20, 2021

About the Interview:

Interview with author P.J. Vernon about his book Bath Haus : A Thriller 


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LGBT Activist

Peter's journey begins in the anti-Vietnam War movement when he is just a teenager. To avoid compulsory conscription in what he believes is an unjust war, he sails from Australia to London and falls in with the Gay Liberation Front, helping to organise the UK's first gay pride parade. Looking to shake up the establishment, in the early 1980s, Peter makes a move into the political mainstream by standing as a Labour candidate in the Bermondsey by-election. He finds himself embroiled in one of the most vicious and notoriously homophobic smear campaigns in British electoral history. When he loses the election, Peter vows to never play by the rules again. He's tried playing by the rules. Now he's going to break them. Abandoning traditional politics, Peter diverts his energies into the radical non-violent gay rights direct action group OutRage! and takes the fight for equality to the very pillars of the British establishment. Using provocative stunts, wicked humour and theatrical forms of protest, OutRage! lives up to its name by confronting everyone from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Experiencing the full wrath of the church, state, and media, Peter is dubbed 'the most hated man in Britain'. Unbowed and defiant, he ups the ante by attempting a citizen's arrest on Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe and by shirtfronting homophobic trash-talking heavyweight boxing champion of the world Mike Tyson. As social attitudes change and history vindicates Peter's stance on gay rights, his David versus Goliath battles gradually win him first grudging approval and then status as a national treasure. Now Peter is embarking on his riskiest crusade yet as he seeks to stage a protest at the FIFA World Cup in Moscow to draw attention to the persecution of LGBT+ people in Russia and Chechnya. All he has to do is not get killed, bashed, imprisoned, or 'disappeared' by Putin's goons, the might of the Russian security state, and roving gangs of Neo-Nazis. What could possibly go wrong? From Executive Producers Elton John and David Furnish, Hating Peter Tatchell is the profound true story of one of the world's most influential human rights activists. This film explores the motivations and consequences of Peter's direct action campaigning and the personal sacrifice that comes with this line of work, including violent attacks and threats to kill him. Told through previously unseen footage of Peter's activism, intimate family moments, rare news headlines, and interviews with the likes of actor Stephen Fry, activist Angela Mason, and former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, this film gives a raw insight into Peter and his life's work defending human rights.

June 14, 2021

About the Interview:

Interview with author Peter Tatchell about his series Netflix Hating Peter Tatchell




Michael Nava is the author of an acclaimed series of eight novels featuring gay, Latino criminal defense lawyer Henry Rios who Garth Greenwell, writing in The New Yorker, called "a detective unlike any previous protagonist in American noir." The New York Times Book Review has called Nava "one of our best" writers.

He is also the author of a historical novel, The City of Palaces, set in Mexico at the beginning of the 1910 Mexican revolution, the first of a projected trilogy.

His personal website is He is also on Facebook as Michael Nava Writer, on twitter as @micnavawriter and on Instagram as @micnavawriter

April 29,  2021

About the Interview:

Interview with author Michael Nava about his book Lie with Man




My name is Sean Kerr, and I am a 47-year-old gay man living in Cardiff, Wales with my husband of almost 30 years, Derek. We have two cats, Rita and Harry, and a host of tropical fish.
I love writing, it has been in my blood since I was a child. It's a wonderful thing to read a book, to be transported to another world, and nothing gives me more pleasure than reading a new novel, or indeed, starting to write one! When I was eight, my Aunt bought me a copy of Dracula in a jumble sale. That summer, I read that book over and over again, and even now it is still my go to book for inspiration. It fuelled my imagination, and it became a doorway to so many possibilities. Writing is a wonderful thing, for it shows us new worlds and new characters, horror and love, sadness and joy. I love it.
What bloggers are saying about Dead Camp.

MARCH 26,  2021

About the Interview:

Interview with author Sean Kerr about his book The Last Child




Florencia Manóvil was voted "Best Filmmaker of the East Bay" for her work as a screenwriter, director, and producer based in Oakland, California. Her web series Dyke Central has been lauded by the press and fans alike for groundbreaking diversity in its representation of LGBTQ characters.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Manóvil moved to Boston at age 18 to pursue film studies at Emerson College. In 2007 she settled permanently in the Bay Area, where she shot Fiona's Script (2009), her feature directorial debut. Fiona's Script screened at festivals around the world, garnering a Best Supporting Actress nomination at MethodFest. In 2011, Manóvil co-created Dyke Central, a "queer dramedy" episodic, directing and producing the 22-minute pilot episode.

MARCH 16,  2021

About the Interview:

Interview with author Florencia Manovil about her Film making career




Pets and the Afterlife 3: Messages from Spirit Dogs

This third volume in a series of books authored by Rob Gutro on pet communications from the afterlife focuses solely on how dogs and how they communicate from spirit. In addition, there is a special chapter by a licensed professional on how to cope with grief.

Through personal stories, pet parents relate how their dogs in spirit gave them signs and messages either directly or through a reading with Rob.

This book will teach you how to recognize signs and receive messages on your own, and how to work through your grief. You'll learn when it comes to spirit there is no such thing as a coincidence.

​In addition to being an author, I'm a scientist and I'm a member of Inspired Ghost Tracking paranormal group where I am a medium on the team. I've become known as a Pet Medium, although I connect with people and pets My books teach others how to recognize signs from people and pets who have passed. (Once you read them you won't need to pay a medium). I write books about my experiences and explain the paranormal in terms of energy.

MARCH 3, 2021

About the Interview:

Interview with Medium/Author ROB GUTRO about his book PETS AND THE AFTERLIFE 3




The arsonist has struck eleven times in as many months, each fire coming closer to tiny Vourvoulos, and each followed by a mysterious poison pen letter. The last one makes it clear: the arsonist plans to strike within days. With no clues, Nick searches for a motive that would drive someone to such a destructive act. He discovers a village embroiled in conflicts, some dating back generations, and uncovers earlier crimes—all casting a wide net of suspicion.

Gradually the mystery is revealed through the interwoven stories of a struggling restaurant owner and her feminist teenage daughter, a seductive widow and lovelorn waiter, a scurrilous priest and patrician mayor, and a host of colorful characters who paint a portrait—both humorous and soulful—of Greece where the past mingles with the present. While sorting it out, Nick’s life is threatened, and he falls in love with a young waiter who becomes his chief suspect.

Miscalculating the plan of attack, ultimately Nick has only minutes to stop the arsonist. He races for the fuel tank and toward an unexpected conclusion. 

FEBRUARY 2, 2021

About the Interview:

Interview with author TIMOTHY JAY SMITH about his book FIRE ON THE ISLAND




As a child performer and actor, Adrian Christian has been on film, TV, Off-Broadway and the concert stage. While still in his teens, he was the first openly gay pop singer to debut a singing act at the New York nightclub and underground hotspot, The Apartment. In 2000, after regionally charting his first dance single into the Top 40, he walked away from a major recording contract offer - on the basis of his refusal to hide his orientation as a gay man.

December 18, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with singer ADRIAN CHRISTIAN and songwriter SUDI RICK KARATAS talking about their new Christmas Song "Midnight will be Clear"




1881—Special Agent Gillian Hamilton, magic caster for the Federal Bureau of Magic and Steam, has recovered from injuries obtained while in Shallow Grave, Arizona. Now back in New York City, Gillian makes an arrest on New Year’s Eve that leads to information on a new gangster, known only as Tick Tock, who’s perfected utilizing elemental magic in ammunition without a caster. This report complicates Gillian’s holiday plans, specifically those with infamous outlaw, "Gunner the Deadly," who promised they’d ring in 1882 together.

The two men stand on the cusp of a romance that needs to be explored intimately and privately. But when Gillian’s residence is broken into, by a magical mechanical man who tries to murder him on behalf of Tick Tock, they must immediately investigate the city’s ruthless street gangs before the illegal magic becomes a threat that cannot be contained.

This might be Gillian’s most perilous case yet, but criminal undergrounds don’t compare to the dangers of the heart. If he can’t balance a career in law enforcement with his love for a vigilante, Gillian may lose both entirely.

The novel-length follow-up to The Engineer, in the exciting new steampunk series, Magic & Steam

December 16, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author C.S. Poe talking about writing The Gangster



LGBT Filmmaker / Author 

The popularity of Borowski’s films reached an all time high in 2012. In April and October, HH Holmes aired on PBS and Borowski was the special guest on PBS' pledge drive. Bojan Pandža, Serbian author and film critic had this to say: "There are four horsemen of the Apocalypse, Herzog, Eroll, Les Blank and John Borowski. HONESTLY!!!"

In 2013, Borowski's films were screened in Paris France, he was featured in Psychology Today, U.K.'s Bizarre Magazine, interviewed for the Travel Channel show Monumental Mysteries, served as an official judge in the documentary category for the Housecore Horror Film Festival, completed Mime Time a short film entered into the ABC's of Death 2 competition and completed his fourth feature documentary film, Serial Killer Culture, released in 2014.

In 2016, Borowski released The Ed Gein File, a book containing documents from the Gein case. Serial Killer Culture TV was released in March of 2017 as a follow up to the successful film, Serial Killer Culture. Dahmer's Confession, Borowski's fourth book, was released in October of 2017. 2018 Marks the release of Borowski's fifth feature documentary film, Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia. Borowski is currently busy writing several feature narrative film screenplays, writing his next book, Panzram at Leavenworth, producing the second season of SKCTV and producing his next serial killer biography documentary film, Jesse Pomeroy: The Boston Boy Fiend

November 24, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with filmmaker John Borowski talking about his new film on John Wayne Gacy 



LGBT Author

Philip Gambone, a gay man, never told his father the reason why he was rejected from the draft during the Vietnam War. In turn, his father never talked about his participation in World War II. Father and son were enigmas to each other. Gambone, an award-winning novelist and non-fiction writer, spent seven years uncovering who the man his quiet, taciturn father had been, by retracing his father's journey through WW II. As Far As I Can Tell not only reconstructs what Gambone’s father endured, it also chronicles his own emotional odyssey as he followed his father’s route from Liverpool to the Elbe River. A journey that challenged the author’s thinking about war, about European history, and about “civilization." 

November 10, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Phil Gambone talking about his new book As Far as I Can Tell


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LGBT Actor/Author

After years of steady work in film and television, and over 150 credits on his IMDB page, actor and comedian Jason Stuart has achieved a pinnacle of success many actors only dream of. "For the last few years, people have started to approach me and say, ‘You’re that guy,’” he explains with his characteristic gravelly laugh. Indeed, with guest-starring and supporting credits in everything from the Billy Bob Thornton starter, Goliath, to Judd Apatow’s Love to Sleepy Hollow to Tangerine and The Birth of a Nation, Stuart has now established himself 

September 29, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author/actor Jason Stuart 



LGBT  Author / Journalist/ TV Production

Gabriel Rotello, an award-winning gay journalist and long-time AIDS activist, has done in this book something no writer has done before. Weaving together the strands of ecology theory, epidemiology and sexual politics, he shows how the AIDS epidemic, like other epidemics from influenza to bubonic plague to today's rapidly emerging viruses, result as much from human behaviors as from specific microbes. He argues convincingly that AIDS was probably a rare disease syndrome in humans that erupted into an epidemic only when cultural changes - including the gay male sexual revolution of the seventies - created ideal conditions for it's evolution and spread.

For the first time ever, Rotello describes in detail the surprising scientific consensus about why, precisely, AIDS hit gay men so hard. Rebutting both the left's position that AIDS was merely an accident, and simplistic right-wing theories that blame promiscuity alone, Rotello presents the compelling but troubling verdict embraced by epidemiologists: AIDS was spread by a fusion of factors built right into the fabric of urban gay life after Stonewall.

Turning to current research, Rotello explains how and why researchers believe that AIDS is continuing to saturate the gay male population despite widespread AIDS awareness and condom use. And he provides compelling evidence that if the current lack of ecological awareness continues, our best chance of containing the epidemic with drug therapies could be squandered.

Intensively researched, passionately argued and intellectually rigorous, Rotello's groundbreaking message is that although AIDS cannot yet be cured, it can be contained. And in clear and unforgettable prose, he tells us how we can accomplish that, one person at a time.

September 29, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Gabriel Rotello discusses his book Sexual Ecology



LGBT  Author

It’s 1994, an election year when violent crime is rampant, voters want action, and politicians smell blood. When a Latino teenager confesses to the murder of a pretty-boy cokehead outside a gay bar in L.A., the cops consider the case closed. But Benjamin Justice, a disgraced former reporter for the Los Angeles Times, sees something in the jailed boy others don’t. His former editor, Harry Brofsky, now toiling at the rival Los Angeles Sun, pries Justice from his alcoholic seclusion to help neophyte reporter Alexandra Templeton dig deeper into the story. But why would a seemingly decent kid confess to a brutal gang initiation killing if he wasn’t guilty? And how can Benjamin Justice possibly be trusted, given his central role in the Pulitzer scandal that destroyed his career? Snaking his way through shadowy neighborhoods and dubious suspects, he’s increasingly haunted by memories of his lover Jacques, whose death from AIDS six years earlier precipitated his fall from grace. As he unravels emotionally, Templeton attempts to solve the riddle of his dark past and ward off another meltdown as they race against a critical deadline to uncover and publish the truth.

Awarded an Edgar by Mystery Writers of America for Best First Novel on initial release, this 25th Anniversary edition has been revised by the author. A foreword for the 2020 edition by Christopher Rice (Bone Music) is included.

September 14, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author John Morgan Wilson discusses Simple Justice



LGBT Forensic Classes/ Author/ Federal Agent

For more than 20 years as a federal law enforcement special agent, Geoff Symon has been using his expertise and experience to put away the bad guys. Now he's begun lecturing and consulting with authors in genre fiction communities to help bring verisimilitude and meaningful detail to the depiction of crime and investigation. He has direct, first-hand experience investigating cases including murder (of all types), suicide, arson, kidnapping, bombings, sexual assault, child exploitation, theft and financial crimes. He has specified and certified training in the collection and preservation of evidence, blood-spatter analysis, autopsies and laboratory techniques

May 28 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Geoff Symon discusses Forensics for Fiction



LGBT  Mystery Crime Fiction Writer

Buried for decades, the Up Stairs Lounge tragedy has only recently emerged as a catalyzing event of the gay liberation movement. In revelatory detail, Robert W. Fieseler chronicles the tragic event that claimed the lives of thirty-one men and one woman on June 24, 1973, at a New Orleans bar, the largest mass murder of gays until 2016. Relying on unprecedented access to survivors and archives, Fieseler creates an indelible portrait of a closeted, blue- collar gay world that flourished before an arsonist ignited an inferno that destroyed an entire community. The aftermath was no less traumatic—families ashamed to claim loved ones, the Catholic Church refusing proper burial rights, the city impervious to the survivors’ needs—revealing a world of toxic prejudice that thrived well past Stonewall. Yet the impassioned activism that followed proved essential to the emergence of a fledgling gay movement. Tinderbox restores honor to a forgotten generation of civil-rights martyrs.

June 1 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Robert Fiesler discussing his book Tinderbox



LGBT  Mystery Crime Fiction Writer

Lev Raphael has wanted to be an author since he was in second grade, and he's not only achieved his dream, he's published twenty-six books in genres from memoir to mystery to erotic vampire tale; had his work translated into fifteen languages; seen one sell close to 300,000 copies; appeared in two documentaries; won various prizes; done hundreds of invited talks and readings on three different continents; sold his literary papers (92 boxes!) to the Michigan State University Libraries (MSUL); been the subject of scholarly articles, papers, and book chapters; and seen his work taught at colleges and universities around the country. Which means he's become homework. Who knew?

June 11 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Lev Raphael discussing his Nick Hoffman Mysteries



LGBT  Cultural History Writer

James Polchin is a writer, cultural historian, and a Clinical Professor in Liberal Studies at New York University. He has taught at the Princeton Writing Program, the Parsons School of Design, the New School for Public Engagement, and the Creative Nonfiction foundation.

His writing has appeared in several places including The New Inquiry, Lambda Literary, Brevity, Ducts Magazine, The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide, and The Smart Set. His book INDECENT ADVANCES: A HIDDEN HISTORY OF TRUE CRIME AND PREJUDICE BEFORE STONEWALL is published by Counterpoint Press.

June 12 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author James Polchin discussing his book titled Indecent Advances



LGBT  Mystery Crime Fiction Writer

Jon Michaelsen writes Gay Mystery and Suspense/Thriller fiction. He was born in southwestern Georgia, USA before moving to the Atlanta area with his family ten years later, and where he remains today. After a successful twenty-five-year career in Corporate Travel & Global Account Management, Jon retired in 2009. He now spends his time writing, reading, and enjoying the outdoors. His debut novel, Pretty Boy Dead, is the first novel in the Kendall Parker Mystery series, which became a Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Gay Mystery. His second novel in the series, The Deadwood Murders, recently released to widespread acclaim. Besides other writing endeavors, Jon is writing the third Kendall Parker mystery. He lives with his husband of 34 years, and two monstrous terriers. Contact him at Find Jon Michaelsen via these links: Website:

July 2 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Jon Michaelson discussing his book titled Deadwood Murders



LGBT  Author / Screen Writer

Whether you have your own questions because you’re preparing to come out to your kids, or you aren’t sure how to explain to your kids why their uncle has a boyfriend or why their friend has two mommies, this book can help. With an entertaining and educational approach to educating yourself and your peers about the issues and topics surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, Rainbow Relatives will provide answers to your kids’ questions and help you raise them to be open-minded and accepting adults.

First and foremost, this book will help you approach the conversations you need to have and predict what you can expect from them. Author Sudi Karatas tells a variety of stories, such as that of a Mormon woman’s transition from fighting against gay rights to becoming a crusader for them. Also included are the voices of filmmakers, actors, musicians, mental health professionals, and more. Through Rainbow Relatives, Karatas helps parents support, advocate for, and educate their children, relatives, and family friends

July 6 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Sudi Rick Karatas discussing his book titled Rainbow Relatives



LGBT Crime Drama Fiction Author

In 2010, Jack started an irreverent narrative about his new life and Perking the Pansies quickly became one of the most popular English language blogs in Turkey. Within a year, he had been featured in the Turkish national press, had published numerous essays and articles in expat and travel magazines and had contributed to the Huffington Post Union of Bloggers. As the blog developed a head of steam, a growing worldwide audience clamoured for a book. Jack duly obliged and his hilarious (well, he thinks so) memoir, Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey was released by Summertime Publishing in 2011. Receiving critical acclaim, Jack's debut book made the top ten for the prestigious Polari First Book Prize and featured in a double page spread in Time Out, Istanbul. The book's success opened up a whole new career for Jack as an author. Jack and Liam ended their Anatolian affair and paddled back to Britain on the evening tide. They currently live in Norwich, a surprising cathedral city in eastern England.

July 8 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Jack Scott discussing his book titled Turkey Street



LGBT Gay History Author

Paper Cuts: My Life in Chicago’s Volatile LGBTQ Press is the story of Rick Karlin’s life writing for Chicago’s newspapers, balancing that with his family life outside of it. Joining the staff at GayLife in 1978 gave Karlin a front-row seat at some of the momentous events in post-Stonewall LGBTQ history. From the privileged vantage point of a newspaper office, he watched the rise and fall of disco, the AIDS crisis, same-sex marriage, bars opening and closing, and LGBTQ newspapers coming and going. Like gossip columnists, Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons, Karlin knew the dirt going on behind the scenes. … Scratch the veneer of what Karlin calls his “so-called celebrity” and you will find a man of conviction, morals, and a keen sense of community. In short, Rick Karlin is a jewel in the crown of Chicago’s LGBTQ press. In 1978 he dived into a polluted pool and, holding his nose, swam in it for decades. And Chicago is all the better for it.

July 13 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Rick Karlin discussing his book titled Paper Cuts



LGBT Crime Fiction & Mystery Author

Real Men. True Love. Rick R. Reed draws inspiration from the lives of gay men to craft stories that quicken the heartbeat, engage emotions, and keep the pages turning. Although he dabbles in horror, dark suspense, and comedy, his attention always returns to the power of love. He's the award-winning and bestselling author of more than fifty works of published fiction and is forever at work on yet another book. Lambda Literary has called him: "A writer that doesn't disappoint..." You can find him at Rick lives in Palm Springs, CA with his husband and is forever at work on another novel.
You can also like Rick on Facebook at or on Twitter at Rick always enjoys hearing from readers and answers all e-mails personally. Send him a message at

July 17, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Rick R. Reed discussing his latest book titled Man from Milwaukee



Award-winning Mystery Author

Jeffrey Round is best known as the Lambda Award-winning author of two mystery series--the gritty Dan Sharp books and the comic Bradford Fairfax series. He is also an award-winning filmmaker, television producer and song-writer. His most recent books are "The God Game", fifth in the Dan Sharp series, and "Bon Ton Roulet", fourth in the Bradford Fairfax comic mystery series. His first novel, "A Cage of Bones", was published by GMP (UK), topping bestseller lists around the world. "The P-town Murders", first in the Bradford Fairfax series, was published by the Haworth Press (US). Both titles were listed on AfterElton's Top 100 Greatest Gay Books in 2008. Jeffrey's "Endgame" was called a "brilliant recreation" of Agatha Christie's best-selling mystery "And Then There Were None", giving the original what one critic called a "punk-rock reboot." It became a best-selling e-book in the US in 2016.

May 26, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with author Jeffrey Round discussing the latest in his Dan Sharp Mystery series, Lion's Head Revisited



Wall Street Journal Bestselling Mystery Author

J. D. Horn is the author of the standalone dark fantasy Shivaree and the bestselling Witching Savannah series (The Line, The Source, The Void, and Jilo). The Witching Savannah series has been/is being translated into Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Romanian. He and his spouse, Rich, split their time between San Francisco and Palm Springs.

May 19, 2020

About the Interview:

Interview with mystery author J.D. Horn discussing the book, The King of Bones and Ashes, the first in The Witches of New Orleans series.

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