Sept 8, 2022


Horror Author 

Joel McKay is an award-winning writer and economic development professional. He calls Prince George, B.C. home, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Wolf at the Door is his first novella. His most recent published fiction was the short story Number Hunnerd in Tyche Books’ anthology Water: Selkies, Sirens and Sea Monsters.

The inspiration for his fiction is drawn from the landscapes and people of British Columbia, particularly the province's vast, untamed and often misunderstood north. It's the small towns and the people who call them home that inspired the good ol' boys featured in Number Hunnerd, or the cool, crisp evenings and early sunsets of October that planted the idea for werewolves at a Thanksgiving feast.

About the Interview:

Interview with Joel McKay about his latest book Wolf at the Door


Aug 2 , 2022


Horror Author 

I am a thirty-nine year old youth worker, and I have had a passion for writing my entire life. In early years this translated into music, where my greatest pride was composing the lyrics for songs that displayed great emotion and had the ability to inspire others. After years of doing music as a hobby, I decided it was time to move on to new ventures, this included getting off drugs and returning to school to be an addictions counselor.


I was a successful addictions counselor for eight years, staying sober from all drugs and dedicating my life to becoming a better person and helping youth avoid the same path of drugs and alcohol that I once took. I got married to a wonderful wife and helped her raise two children. During this time life became enjoyable and satisfying.


Eventually, I felt the desire to challenge myself again, and I decided to focus on writing. I began with daily blogs and then proceeded to create my first full-length manuscript in 2018. Since then I have completed my second full-length novel titled ‘Genocide’, which has been published with Breaking Rules Publishing.

About the Interview:

Interview with Aaron LeBold about his book Genocide


July 25 , 2022


Ghost Fiction Author 

Abigail Cutter started out as an artist/printmaker with an MFA from George Washington University. Still, during a long stint at the National Endowment for the Humanities, she developed a deep love of American history. She married a man who came with a farm and an 18th-century farmhouse in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The farmhouse came with a very active ghost. She currently lives at the farm and in the small town of Waterford, VA, with her husband, a black Labrador named Emma, and a cat named Barnibi.

Tom Smiley signed up as a private in the Confederate army when he was eighteen and quickly came to regret it. Spending the last year of the war in a Union prison scarred him so deeply that even death hasn't brought freedom from its memory. A ghost in his deserted childhood home, he can’t forget the bloody war and its meaningless losses or shed his revulsion for his role in the Confederate defence of slavery. But when a young couple moves in and makes his home their own in the early 21st century, trouble erupts—and Tom is forced to not only face his own terrible secret but also come to grips with his family’s hidden wartime history. He finds an unexpected ally in his house’s new owner, Phoebe Hunter, who is both fascinated and frightened by his ghostly presence—and whose discoveries will have momentous consequences for them both.

About the Interview:

Interview with AbIgail Cutter  about her latest book Long Shadows: A Novel


July 13 , 2022


Horror Author 

Thorsten Nesch is an award-winning author published in traditional publishing houses with more than 1,500 live readings in a dozen countries at schools, universities, book fairs and on cruise ships. He received literary arts grants and was invited for writer's residencies in H.A.L.D. Denmark and LeseLenz, Hausach, Germany.

He was born in Solingen, Germany. 1998 to 2003 he lived in Canada. 2004 to 2013 in Leverkusen, Germany. Since 2014 in Lethbridge, Alberta. Permanent Resident in Canada.

"His style is a stroke of luck", Jury of Hans-im-Glück-Award

About the Interview:

Interview with Thorsten Nesch about his latest book Grolar: Half Grizzly Half Polar Bear

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June 22, 2022


Horror Author 

David Kempf is the author of 13 books. These books include novels, interview collections, poetry, children's books, and stage plays. He has also written over 50 short stories. David is a frequent contributor to the British website Masters of Horror U.K.  http://www.mastersofhorror.co.uk/. His work has received critical acclaim from authors such as Jonathan Maberry, Tamara Thorne, Gary Raisor, Nicholas Grabowsky, and the late William F. Nolan. His last novel They Laughed at Me was generously praised by Kirkus Reviews.https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/david-kempf/they-laughed-at-me/.  His latest project is Four Murder Mystery Plays,  a collection of short murder mystery plays that all revolve around the problem of addiction. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09VPJM5HT/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vpp. You can purchase other books on Amazon here. https://www.amazon.com/David-Kempf/e/B0037BMI40?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_7&qid=1653860427&sr=1-7

About the Interview:

Interview with David Kempf about his book Four Murder Mystery Plays


June 15 , 2022


Horror Author 

Angela Yuriko Smith is a third-generation Shimanchu-American and an award-winning poet, author, and publisher with 20+ years of experience as a professional writer in nonfiction. A three-time Bram Stoker Awards® Finalist for excellence in long fiction (Bitter Suites, 2018), excellence in poetry (Tortured Willows, 2021) and excellence in short nonfiction, she was also selected as HWA Mentor of the Year for 2020. In addition, two of her poetry chapbooks have been nominated for the Elgin Awards. Other recognitions she has received include winning the 2019 SFPA Dwarf Star and the MWG President’s Award in Best Short Story and Best Magazine Article. She has also received Rhysling and Pushcart Prize nominations for poetry. Publisher of Space & Time magazine (est. 1966), she offers resources for writers at angelaysmith.com.

About the Interview:

Interview with Angela Yuriko Smith about her latest book Dancing in the Shadows: Tribute to Anne Rice 


June 3 , 2022


Horror Author 

Josh Malerman is an American author and also one of two singer/songwriters for the rock band The High Strung, whose song "The Luck You Got" can be heard as the theme song to the Showtime show "Shameless." His book Bird Box is also currently being filmed as a feature film starring Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, and Sarah Paulson. Bird Box was also nominated for the Stoker Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, and the James Herbert Award. His books Black Mad Wheel and Goblin have also been nominated for Stoker Awards.

About the Interview:

Interview with Josh Malerman about his latest book Daphne


May 30, 2022


Horror Author 

Stephen Mark Rainey has been writing professionally for over thirty years. He is author of numerous novels, including Balak, The Lebo Coven, Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark (with Elizabeth Massie), Blue Devil Island, The Nightmare Frontier, The Monarchs, and others. Recently, he has been writing novels for Elizabeth Massie's Ameri-Scares series for young readers, with four currently in print and several more on the publication schedule. In addition, Mark's work includes six short story collections; approximately 200 published works of short fiction; and the scripts to several Dark Shadows audio productions (Big Finish), which feature members of the original ABC-TV series cast. For ten years, he edited the award-winning Deathrealm magazine and has edited the anthologies Deathrealms (Delirium Press), Song of Cthulhu (Chaosium), and Evermore (Arkham House). His short fiction has recently appeared in Borderlands 7 (Borderlands Press) and Fright Train (Haverhill Press). Mark lives in Greensboro, NC.

About the Interview:

Interview with Stephen Mark Rainey about his latest book Fugue Devil: Resurgence


May 27, 2022


Horror Author 

When June and Ezra take a spontaneous road trip to rural Pennsylvania, they find themselves in the strange town of Red Falls. What transpires there leaves the couple questioning their overnight stay. But when they strike out with new friends for a hike the following morning, June and Ezra enter a world of blood and terror that changes their lives forever.
Two worlds collide—a post-apocalyptic place of harsh survival and awful violence, and a tortured author whose reality is coming apart one line at a time. Does any story ever truly end? There is life in the words and in the spaces between them, somewhere in the invisible ink. Deacon is the fusion of at least two stories—one playing out in the barbaric ruins of a fallen world, and the other in the mind. This psychological twist of perception will leave you wondering where fiction ends and reality begins.

About the Interview:

Interview with James Carlson about her book Hacked in Two


May 27, 2022


Horror Author 

Monty has a special power that no one else possesses.
And he hates it.
He just wants to live a quiet cheese sandwich and tap water life. Fate, being the fickle bitch it is, has other plans. His best friends, Lark and Sean, have abilities as well and the trio encounter three mysterious people who show them, they are not alone.
It would be nice if any of them had useful abilities, but take what you can get, right?
As a result, Monty is forcibly dragged into a world of coffee-addicted villains, half-competent goons, and pompous windbags. Monty must use his wits against the witless to save himself and his friends. To do so he must embrace being the DICK WIGGLER

About the Interview:

Interview with Mick Collins about her book Dick Wiggler 


May 26, 2022



Horror Author/ Stokerverse  

Dacre Stoker is the co-editor (with Elizabeth Miller) of The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker: The Dublin Years (Robson Press, 2012). Released in October of 2018, Dracul,  a prequel to Dracula, co-authored with JD Barker, was the UK’s # 1 Best Selling Hardcover Novel in Horror and Supernatural in 2018, and a top 5 finalist by the Horror Writers Association for the Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a Novel. Film rights for Dracul have been purchased by Paramount Studios.  Dacre’s most recent work Last Days, a short about the end of Bram Stoker’s life, recently appeared in Weird Tales Magazine in December 2020.

Chris McAuley is familiar to fans of Judge Dredd and has been the assistant colourist on several 2000AD comic strips. He has also inked various Marvel titles such as ‘Hulkvarines’ and also ‘Vampirella’. He is the co-author of the StokerVerse which currently features six comic book ranges, several novels and a board game in production. He is also a novelist whose reach has included ‘The James Bond Franchise’ and ‘Alien’. Chris has also assisted Legendary Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin Jackson on the Star Wars franchise as a concept artist for ‘The Mandalorian’ and has written several comic book titles with William Shatner.

About the Interview:

Interview with Dacre Stoker & Chris McAuley about the 125th.birthday of Dracula

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May 25, 2022


Horror Author 

When June and Ezra take a spontaneous road trip to rural Pennsylvania, they find themselves in the strange town of Red Falls. What transpires there leaves the couple questioning their overnight stay. But when they strike out with new friends for a hike the following morning, June and Ezra enter a world of blood and terror that changes their lives forever.

Two worlds collide—a post-apocalyptic place of harsh survival and awful violence, and a tortured author whose reality is coming apart one line at a time. Does any story ever truly end? There is life in the words and in the spaces between them, somewhere in the invisible ink. Deacon is the fusion of at least two stories—one playing out in the barbaric ruins of a fallen world, and the other in the mind. This psychological twist of perception will leave you wondering where fiction ends and reality begins.

About the Interview:

Interview with Daemon Manx  about her book Hacked In Two 


May 25, 2022


Horror Author 

New Horror author releasing his first book for ' Last Waltz Publishing.'

Don't you just hate losing something you really need?
And isn't it just always at the worst possible time?
Maybe you placed your trust in the wrong person?
Perhaps you lost the trail you were just on?
A pulse? Your grip on reality? Hope?

DOWN by the RIVERWALK is the third collection by Matt Scott and features fourteen tales to entertain and delight. The stories collected within are of Loss, Hopelessness, Fear, Shame, Violence, Greed, Malice...

...We are the monsters with whom we wish to bargain.


About the Interview:

Interview with Matt Scott about her book Down by the Riverwalk

WED APR 13 jeff oliver.jpg

May 24 , 2022


Horror Author & Photographer

Introducing Venomous Words. A brand new collection of Macro-Photography fused with dark lyrical Poetry. A unique fusion of your worst nightmares captured in photographs that bite and sting. Your skin will crawl. Your insides will melt. Introducing a brand new level of Hell.

Jeff Oliver & Gordon Reilly have fused their passions together into a collection of madness that will leave gaping holes. When words fuse with venom.. There is no escape! There isn’t much time after the venom is injected into your bloodstream. Prepare your mind & soul. Prepare for a brand new type of insanity that will never let you go. You will have many sleepless nights once you see the detail of the photographs from one of best photographers of Scorpions, Spiders & Centipedes in their entirety. A few surprise bugs await within these pages too.

When paired with Jeff Oliver’s ability to fuse his words into each dangerous still. A new nightmare is created. Prepare to hear sounds you’ve never heard, things you’ve never seen & learn things you’ve never learned.

Also included are poetic collaborations with Joe R. Lansdale, Chris McAuley, Brandon Scott, Noe Basurto, Xtina Marie, Stephen Remillard, David Kempf and Reinaldo Torres. Who have all generously added their own Venomous spins in short collaborations with Oliver & Reilly. Venomous words start with ink. When ink is fused with our worst nightmares..
Our minds begin to sink. Leaving many silent screams. Each letter is laced with such beautiful & venomous dreams.

About the Interview:

Interview with Jeff Oliver & Gordon Reilly  about his latest book Venomous Words 


April 19, 2022


Horror Author 

Horror and suspense author Meg Hafdahl is the creator of numerous stories and books. Her fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Eve’s Requiem: Tales of Women, Mystery and Horror and Eclectically Criminal. Her work has been produced for audio by The Wicked Library and The Lift, and she is the author of two popular short story collections including Twisted Reveries: Thirteen Tales of the Macabre. Meg is also the author of the two novels; Daughters of Darkness and Her Dark Inheritance called “an intricate tale of betrayal, murder, and small town intrigue” by Horror Addicts and “every bit as page turning as any King novel” by RW Magazine. Meg, also the co-host of the podcast Horror Rewind and co-author of The Science of Monsters, The Science of Women in Horror, The Science of Stephen King and upcoming The Science of Serial Killers, lives in the snowy bluffs of Minnesota.

About the Interview:

Interview with Meg Hafdahl about her book The Science of Stephen King

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Mar 16, 2022


Horror Author 

An accomplished, published author (and publisher), and ghostwriter of popular fiction, I write across an incredibly wide range of genres and subjects: novels, shorts, and screenplays. To date, I have four novels, five novellas, and a whole slew of short stories published by various publishers (I am in the process of republishing them all under my own publishing house). I am an affiliate member of the Horror Writer’s Association, and I also run and host my own podcast/radio show, which is used to promote HellBound Books and indie authors, artists, audiobook narrators, and publishers. (http://www.panicroomradio.com). I have been working full time as a freelance ghostwriter (and editor) for almost two years now – in addition to writing my own novels and short stories, and running my own successful indie horror publishing press. (http://www.hellboundbookspublishing.com)

About the Interview:

Interview with James Longmore about his latest book I am Joe's Unwanted Penis


March 4, 2022


Horror Author 

Patrick C. Harrison III (PC3, if you prefer) is an author of horror, bizarro, and erotica. His current publications include A SAVAGE BREED, INFERNO BOUND AND THE HELL HOUNDS, 5 TALES THAT WILL LAND YOU IN HELL, VISCERAL: COLLECTED FLESH with Christine Morgan, and CERBERUS RISING with Chris Miller and M. Ennenbach, and his works can be found in numerous anthologies, including AND HELL FOLLOWED and ROAD KILL: TEXAS HORROR BY TEXAS AUTHORS VOL. 4.

PC3 is also the co-owner (with Jarod Barbee) and editor-in-chief of Death’s Head Press, a Texas-based publisher of dark fiction. He and Mr. Barbee are the Splatterpunk Award-winning editors of AND HELL FOLLOWED. Other books DHP has edited and published include BREAKING BIZARRO, DIG TWO GRAVES Vol. 1 & 2, and OBLIQUATUR VOLUPTAS: DEVIANT STORIES FOR THE DEVIANT MIND. In 2020, Death's Head Press began publishing the Splatter Western series, which is taking the indie horror community by storm. The Splatter Western combines old west pulpiness with violent, bloody horror.

About the Interview:

Interview with Patric C. Harrison III about his latest book A Savage breed


March 2, 2022


Horror Author 

Jack Wells is a burgeoning thriller & horror author from northern Utah. 

He has been writing on and off since grade school, though most of his early offerings consisted of bad song lyrics and even worse poetry. He is currently the Music Editor (and content contributor) for www.morbidlybeautiful.com, a website devoted to all things dark & mysterious.

Monochrome Noir marks his first publication of an original story. The entire MonoNoir series was quickly picked up by Last Waltz Publishing, and up-and-coming outfit based in NJ, founded by author Daemon Manx as a haven for talented authors with unique ideas.

When not putting pen to paper, Jack can be found spending time with his sweet but quirky family, hiking, shooting, and enjoying whiskey & cigars by his fire pit. Outside of all the fun activities, Jack spends much of his time herding cats as a beleaguered government employee. 

About the Interview:

Interview with Jack Wells about his latest book Monochrome Noir 


Feb 2, 2022


Horror Author 

 Jeff Strand is the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of over 50 books, including PRESSURE, DWELLER, and CLOWNS VS. SPIDERS. He’s mostly known for his works of horror/comedy, though he has cheated on that genre on occasion. Several of his books are in development as motion pictures. He has recently moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, with his wife and oversized cat. 

About the Interview:

Interview with Jeff Strand  about his book Deathless

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Jan 31, 2022


Horror Author 

Daemon Manx is an award winning American author who writes horror, suspense, supernatural, and speculative fiction. He is a recipient of the 2021 HAG award for his story, The Dead Girl. He is a member of the Horror Authors Guild (HAG) and has been featured in magazines in both the U.S. and the U.K. Daemon lives with his sister, author Danielle Manx and their narcoleptic cat, Sydney where the patiently prepare for the apocalypse. There is a good chance they will runout of coffee far too soon

About the Interview:

Interview with Daemon Manx  about his book Piece by Piece 

dw gillespie.jpg

Jan 19, 2022


Horror/ Fantasy Author 

D.W. Gillespie hails from parts unknown in the dark woods of Tennessee. Supported by his wife and two feral children, he spends most days hunkered over a vintage typewriter he found in a smoking crater deep within the forest primeval. Bearded and muttering, he writes tales to terrify by the light of a kerosene lamp.

He is represented by the Brower Literary Agency, and his work has been featured in many publications, both online and in print. His debut novel, Still Dark, is now available.

Follow his work on https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDWGillespie/

or at www.dwgillespie.com

About the Interview:

Interview with D.W. Gillespie about his latest book The Toy Thief

richard chizmar dec 15.jpg

Dec 15 , 2021



Richard Chizmar is the author of Gwendy's Button Box (with Stephen King) and A Long December, which was nominated for numerous awards. His fiction has appeared in dozens of publications, including Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and multiple editions of The Year’s 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories. He has won two World Fantasy awards, four International Horror Guild awards, and the HWA's Board of Trustee's award. His third short story collection, A Long December, was recently published to starred reviews in both Kirkus and Booklist, and was featured in Entertainment Weekly. Chizmar’s work has been translated into many languages throughout the world, and he has appeared at numerous conferences as a writing instructor, guest speaker, panelist, and guest of honor. Please visit the author’s website at RichardChizmar.com.

About the Interview:

Interview with Richard Chizmar  about his book Chasing the Boogeyman

nov 29 scott thomas kill creek.jpg

Nov 29, 2021


Horror Author 

At the end of a dark prairie road, nearly forgotten in the Kansas countryside, is the Finch House. For years it has remained empty, overgrown, abandoned. Soon the door will be opened for the first time in decades. But something is waiting, lurking in the shadows, anxious to meet its new guests…

When best-selling horror author Sam McGarver is invited to spend Halloween night in one of the country’s most infamous haunted houses, he reluctantly agrees. At least he won’t be alone; joining him are three other masters of the macabre, writers who have helped shape modern horror. But what begins as a simple publicity stunt will become a fight for survival. The entity they have awakened will follow them, torment them, threatening to make them a part of the bloody legacy of Kill Creek.

About the Interview:

Interview with Scott Thomas  about his book Kill Creek 


Oct 18 , 2021


Paranormal Author 

Abandoned at birth, life has always been a battle for Jane Walker. She and her best friend, Sadie, spent years fighting to survive Vancouver’s cutthroat underbelly. That would have been tough enough without Jane’s mysterious afflictions: an intricate pattern of blood-red birthmarks that snake around her body and vivid, heart-wrenching nightmares that feel so real she wakes up screaming.

After she meets the first man who isn’t repulsed by her birthmarks, Jane thinks she might finally have a chance at happiness. Her belief seems confirmed as the birthmarks she’s spent her life so ashamed of magically begin to disappear. Yet, the quicker her scarlet marks vanish, the more lucid and disturbing Jane’s nightmares become—until it’s impossible to discern her dreams from reality, and Jane comes to a horrifying realization:

The nightmares that have plagued her since childhood are actually visions of real people being stalked by a deadly killer. And all this time, her birthmarks have been the only things protecting her from becoming his next victim.

About the Interview:

Interview with JP McLean about her latest book Blood Mark


Sept 1, 2021


Horror Author & Poet

WHAT ARE JEFF’S SCATTERED THOUGHTS? Jeff’s vision of pouring himself into his work is captured with satisfying precision in this work of poetry that is half love and half mayhem. In this collection, you will find equal parts madness and insanity, paired within the confines of reality. Jeff shares that his writing is the doorway to his mind and inner thoughts: a journey that you should dare not take lightly. Because once you do, you have officially entered the mind of a poet.

About the Interview:

Interview with Jeff Oliver about his book Scattered Thoughts


August 20 , 2021


Horror Author 

Ronald McGillvray is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. He writes short stories, scripts, novellas and is currently working on a novel. His horror short story collection, Tales From The Parkland is available as a print or ebook. His writing credits include the short story, The Garbage Collectors, which was published in Horror Library Volume 2 as well as in their best of anthology. An audio version of his story, Big Boy, was produced by Pseudopod and his story, A Night Out, was published by Dark Fire Fiction.

Tales From The Parkland - A collection of horror stories that will keep you up at night. Reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, these tales of terror will make your heart race as they drag you into a world of nightmares.
The Garbage Collectors - Stephen comes home to find he has to make a decision. Which of his children will he sacrifice to the Garbage Collectors?
Big Boy - Peter hates it at daycare but what better place to face the end of the world?
Underneath The Stairs - Tommy thinks he's getting the better of Kevin but he hasn't met what's under the stairs yet.
Acid Rain - Rob and his family went for a walk until it started to rain. But when they turned back towards home, the screaming started.
A special bonus addition of the novella, Harmony - Sergeant James Cross started his day as usual with a run. Hours later he was still running, but now for his life.
One novella and eleven stories of horror for late at night. Welcome to the many "What If" scenarios of Ronald McGillvray's imagination.

About the Interview:

Interview with Ronald McGillvray about his latest book Tales from the Parkland

JFDT Author Shot 2017.jpg

August 18 , 2021


Horror Author 

John F.D. Taff is a multiple Bram Stoker Award®-nominated author with more than 30 years’ in the horror genre, 100-plus short stories and five novels in print. Little Deaths was named the best horror fiction collection of 2012 by HorrorTalk. Jack Ketchum called his novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, “one of the best novella collections I’ve read,” and it was a finalist for a Stoker Award in 2014.  A short story from his latest collection Little Black Spots, “A Winter’s Tale,” was a finalist for a Stoker in 2019.  Ain’t It Cool News called his novel The Bell Witch “A compelling and frightening read.”  His serial novel The Fearing released in 2019 to critical and reader acclaim.  Robert R. McCammon called it “A powerful and epic trip into the land of feardom!” Dark Stars, a horror anthology edited by Taff, will be released in November 2021. Look for more of his work in anthologies such as The Seven Deadliest, Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, Shadows Over Main Street 2 and Behold: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders.  Taff lives in the wilds of Illinois with three pugs, two cats and one long-suffering wife

About the Interview:

Interview with John F D Taff  about his latest book The Bad Book


August 17 , 2021


Horror Author 

Alan Baxter is a British-Australian, multi-award-winning author of horror, supernatural thrillers, and dark fantasy. He's also a martial arts expert, a whisky-soaked swear monkey, and dog lover. He creates dark, weird stories among dairy paddocks on the beautiful south coast of NSW, Australia, where he lives with his wife, son, hound and other creatures.
He is the author of several novels, including the Alex Caine trilogy, Bound, Obsidian and Abduction, The Balance duology, RealmShift and MageSign, the urban horror noir novel, Hidden City, and the horror/crime thriller Devouring Dark. He's also written several novellas, including the cosmic horror thriller The Book Club, the supernatural noir Eli Carver novella series, Manifest Recall and Recall Night, with a third volume on the way, and the wildly popular gonzo horror novella, The Roo. A new collection of five interconnected horror novellas, The Gulp, came out this year.

About the Interview:

Interview with Alan Baxter about his latest book The Gulp

thumbnail_Hank (15)-2.jpg

July 15 , 2021


Horror Author 

Hank Schwaeble is a thriller writer and attorney in Houston, Texas. His debut novel, DAMNABLE (Berkley/Jove) won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. He is also the author of DIABOLICAL (Berkley/Jove), the horror-noir collection AMERICAN NOCTURNE (Cohesion Press), and numerous short stories. His third novel, THE ANGEL OF THE ABYSS, is scheduled for release on Sept 30th

About the Interview:

Interview with Hank Schwaeble about his latest book American Nocturne


June 30 , 2021


Horror Author 

Liz Butcher resides in Australia, with her husband, daughter, and their two cats. She's a self-confessed nerd with a BA in psychology and an insatiable fascination for learning. When she's not writing or spending time with her family, Liz enjoys road trips, astronomy, music and knitting.

More than 20 years after her abduction at the hands of the elusive Pan, Wendy Darling is all grown up and a successful detective. But when a local girl vanishes in the middle of the night, her past comes rushing back. Grieving the death of her mother, Detective Darling wants nothing more than to throw herself back into work. When the Lord Mayor’s daughter, Rosalie, vanishes, she insists on taking the case, triggering memories of her own past abduction. For years, Wendy struggled with her nonsensical memories of her captor, who she only knows as Pan. Yet the more she uncovers about Rosalie’s disappearance, the more Wendy is convinced her worst nightmare has come true—Pan’s back. Her fears are confirmed when the girl suddenly reappears and Wendy realizes she’s walked straight into Pan’s trap

About the Interview:

Interview with Liz Butcher about her latest book Never Never

jennifer gordon.jpg

June 21, 2021


Horror Author 

JENNIFER ANNE GORDON is a professional ballroom dancer and choreographer by day, and a curly haired neurotic writer by night. She is an actor, a traveler, a photographer, a lover of Gothic Horror, and a dog mom. She lives in the wilds of New Hampshire with her partner on and off the dance floor. Her novels include the Kindle Award for Horror 2020 Winning book, Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent, as well as the historical Gothic novel From Daylight to Madness (The Hotel #1) as well as When The Sleeping Dead Still Talk (The Hotel #2). She also has a published collection of her artwork, titled "Victoriana {mixed media art of jennifer anne gordon}.for benevolent stalking purposes you can visit her website http://www.JenniferAnneGordon.com

About the Interview:

Interview with Jennifer Anne Gordon about her latest book Pretty/Ugly


June 2 , 2021


Horror Author 

Our enduring love of vampires - the bad boys (and girls) of paranormal fantasy - has persisted for centuries. Despite being bloodthirsty, heartless killers, vampire stories commonly carry erotic overtones that are missing from other paranormal or horror stories.
Even when monstrous teeth are sinking into pale, helpless throats - especially then - vampires are sexy. But why? In A History Of The Vampire In Popular Culture, author Violet Fenn takes the reader through the history of vampires in ‘fact’ and fiction, their origins in mythology and literature and their enduring appeal on TV and film. We’ll delve into the sexuality - and sexism - of vampire lore, as well as how modern audiences still hunger for a pair of sharp fangs in the middle of the night

About the Interview:

Interview with Violet Fenn about his latest book A History of the Vampire in Popular Culture: Love at First Bite


May 12, 2021


Horror Author 

Patrick and Clare wake up trapped in a basement, a thin wall separating their cells. Their captor is mysteriously absent, which at first seems like a blessing. As more time passes with no food or water, they begin to realize a clock is ticking for their survival. Combining their intelligence and determination, the two begin plotting an escape from their shared prison. Overcoming each obstacle only presents another obstacle standing in the way of their freedom. It will take all of their ingenuity and strength to find their way out of this mess. They know their captor is still out there, and it is only a matter of time before he returns. BEFORE HE WAKES is a fast-paced and tense thriller that ratchets up the suspense and tension before the thrilling conclusion. Brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing--Tales from The Darkest Depths.

About the Interview:

Interview with Mark Allan Gunnells about his latest book Before He Wakes


April 8, 2021


Horror Author 

Mike Thorn is the author of the novel Shelter for the Damned and the short story collection Darkest Hours (coming soon from Journalstone in a deluxe reissue).

His fiction has appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies and podcasts, including Vastarien, Dark Moon Digest, The NoSleep Podcast, Tales to Terrify and Prairie Gothic. His film criticism has been published in MUBI Notebook, The Film Stage, The Seventh Row, Bright Lights Film Journal and Vague Visages. 

He completed his M.A. with a major in English literature at the University of Calgary, where he wrote a thesis on epistemophobia in John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.

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Interview with Mike Thorn about his latest book Shelter for the Damned


April 6, 2021


Horror Author 

Ronald Malfi is the award-winning author of the novels Floating Staircase, Snow, The Ascent, and several others. Most recognized for his haunting, literary style and memorable characters, Malfi's dark fiction has gained acceptance among readers of all genres. He currently lives along the Chesapeake Bay where he is at work on his next book Malfi.

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Interview with Ronald Malfi about his latest book Come With Me


March 4, 2021


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I love writing, it has been in my blood since I was a child. It's a wonderful thing to read a book, to be transported to another world, and nothing gives me more pleasure than reading a new novel, or indeed, starting to write one! When I was eight, my Aunt bought me a copy of Dracula in a jumble sale. That summer, I read that book over and over again, and even now it is still my go to book for inspiration. It fuelled my imagination, and it became a doorway to so many possibilities. Writing is a wonderful thing, for it shows us new worlds and new characters, horror and love, sadness and joy. I love it.
What bloggers are saying about Dead Camp.

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Interview with Sean Kerr about his latest book The Last Child


March 15, 2021


Horror Author 

Greg F. Gifune is a best-selling, internationally-published author of several acclaimed novels, novellas and two short story collections. Working predominantly in the horror and crime genres, Greg has been called, "The best writer of horror and thrillers at work today" by New York Times best-selling author Christopher Rice, "One of the best writers of his generation" by both The Roswell Literary Review and horror grandmaster Brian Keene, and "Among the finest dark suspense writers of our time" by legendary best-selling author Ed Gorman. Greg's work has been published all over the world, translated into several languages, received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus and others, is consistently praised by readers and critics alike, and has garnered attention from Hollywood. Two of his short stories, HOAX and FIRST IMPRESSIONS have been adapted to film. His novel CHILDREN OF CHAOS is currently under a development deal to be made into a television series, and his novel THE BLEEDING SEASON, originally published in 2003, has been hailed as a classic in the horror genre and is considered to be one of the best horror/thriller novels of the decade. Greg resides in Massachusetts with his wife Carol, a few cats and a dog named Dozer. 

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Interview with Greg F. Gifune about his latest book Blue Hell


March 4, 2021


Horror Author 

Amy Grech has sold over 100 stories to various anthologies and magazines including:
A New York State of Fright, Apex Magazine, Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled, Dead Harvest, Deadman's Tome Campfire Tales Book Two, Expiration Date, Flashes of Hope, Fright Mare, Hell's Heart, Hell's Highway, Hell's Mall, Needle Magazine, Scare You To Sleep, Tales from the Canyons of the Damned, Tales from The Lake Vol. 3, The One That Got Away, Thriller Magazine, and many others. New Pulp Press published her book of noir stories, Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City.

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Interview with Amy Grech about her latest book The One That Got Away


December 15, 2020


Horror Author 

Matt Converse of San Francisco is the bestselling author of the four book series #1 LGBT Horror bestseller Strip Shot, Behind the Velvet Curtain, Obsexsion and now America's Next Top Stripper. He also penned erotic horror shockers Leather Head and Where Evil Begins, LGBT thriller Window Watcher and horror novel I'm the Last Face You'll Ever See. His new release is M/M Sci-Fi thriller 99 Days. He aspires to bring diversity to the publishing world.

Like his idol Alfred Hitchcock, his books are sexy, smart and full of suspense but told in a style one reviewer called "a new kind of writing, like he was speaking just to me." Another said of Leather Head, "The suspense tried to kill me." and "This is the scariest book I have ever read!"

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Interview with Matt Converse about his latest book I'm the Last Face You'll Ever See


Nov 25, 2020


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The new dark thriller novel by Eric Shapiro.Dennis Fordham has it all: the wife, the kids, the established small business. And yet...he's slipping. Something's changing in his mindset. He's regretting all the chances that he never took. And he's getting a bad itch to visit illicit massage parlors. Even worse: he’s also starting to talk kind of funny. Only it's not a joke— his strange words terrify his dental hygienist, who tells his whole Northern California community that he harassed her. When Dennis tries to push back, he's met with intense resistance. Which is when his troubling thoughts turn into violent ones...A story of red rage, red madness, and a bright red, all-American, hyper-masculine psycho,

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Interview with Eric Shapiro  about his latest book Red Dennis

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Oct 1, 2020


Horror Author 

James G. Carlson is an author of horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy. His short stories have appeared in various anthologies from small presses. Two collections of his dark fiction have been published through Terror Tract -- SEVEN EXHUMATIONS and THE EVER-DESCENDING STAIRCASE -- as well as a sci-fi horror western novella titled THE LEGION MACHINE. From the weird state of Pennsylvania, Carlson drinks too much coffee and writes at a desk surrounded by animals and family in the mad zoo he calls home.

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Interview with James G. Carlson about his latest book Seven Exhumations