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Radio show Host | Bestselling Author | Autism Advocate

ALAN R. WARREN has his Masters Degree (MM) in Music from the University of Washington in Seattle, Bachelor of Arts (BA) Criminology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and Recording & Sound Engineering Diploma from the Juno Award Winning Bullfrog Studios in Vancouver B.C. Canada. He got his start on Digital Radio for the Z Talk Radio Network and still produces several shows for them. ​

Al started writing articles in True Crime Case Files Magazine and is still a contributor to that one and Serial Killer Magazine. Since then, he has completed 12 true crime books for two different publishers (RJ Parker Publishing/Vronksy Parker Publishing in Toronto, Canada & WildBlue Press in America).

His bestsellers include Above Suspicion: The True Story of Colonel Russell Williams, Blood Thirst: The True Story of the Vampire Killer of Canada, Deadly Betrayal: The True Story of Jennifer Pan, Last Man Standing: The True Story of Jack McCullough, the man that was put away for the oldest unsolved murder case in America, and has since then been released as he did not do the crime.

Alan is the Host and Producer of the Popular True Crime History Radio show House of Mystery heard in the NBC news talk radio network syndicated throughout the U.S. & Canada. It can be heard online in many different places: iTunes, YouTube, Tune-in, Stitcher Radio, IHeart Media/Speaker, Podbay, and Podomatic. You can read more about his radio show HERE.

** A Special Note from Al **

On Tuesday, April 2, this past Autism Awareness Day 2019, I decided to let my fans of both radio and writing that I myself am autistic. The struggle for me to speak the words that I could only read has taken many years of work and practice in order to fool broadcasters into hiring me for radio. Even then I kept it secret as I worked to allow the writer in my mind to be able to get those words on paper. I dedicate all of my public works to any others out there struggling with the same challenge that I have, as well as any obstacles you might have in accomplishing your dreams.” ​- Alan R Warren​​


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Listen to past interviews on podcasts and radio shows discussing books Alan has written.



"This was a fascinating piece of work, well researched, and very stimulating. The author provided an account of how each sect worked, as well as back story on its leaders. Including how each member was affected. Great work and will recommend it to anyone who wants to be better educated in this subject matter."

About IN CHAINS...

"Very informative and an outstanding read! Before reading this, I had only a slight understanding of what an issue human trafficking was. So this book really opened my eyes.


I found the authors did a great job at balancing the descriptions, statistics and data, and showing compassion when recounting the individual’s stories. I am noticing many cases of human trafficking in the news now since this book made me aware of the main issues.


It really shone a light on what a crisis human trafficking is and how it can happen to anyone. Be careful! I’d highly recommend this to anyone working in law enforcement, those with counselling careers, and immigration officials. It would also benefit the general public, especially those working in factories or in jobs where minorities could potentially be exploited. Great read!"


"Alan R. Warren has written a compelling story about one of the most intrguing cold cases, spanning more than five decades. Alan keeps his finger on the pulse of American crime. Warren leaves the question of guilt open for the reader to decide. For fans of stories about justice delayed but not denied, I highly recommend this chronicle by Alan Warren."

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