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Bruce McArthur: The Toronto Gay Village Murders

Killer Queens

Bruce McArthur: The Toronto Gay Village Murders

Killer Queens is a new series of historical fiction books based on true stories. The series explores the world of murder in the gay community, whether the victims or the killers themselves, and sometimes both, are homosexual. While the previous books looked at murders in the gay communities of Germany, England, and the United States, this fourth edition of the series visits Canada—a country that has embraced the gay community overall. But how true-to-life is this statement? Canada has been one of the first countries to make it legal to be gay—even legalizing gay marriages and giving same-sex benefits. Yet, when cold-blooded serial killers target the very community the country says it supports, and law enforcement is found lacking, we have to question the rightfulness of this claim. This book is based on Toronto's Gay Villiage and the few times serial killers reigned terror upon it. As much as this series wants to point out the negative aspects of murders in the gay community in countries that don't respect gay people, it's also important to reveal its effects in countries that seemingly support gay people.




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