The Killing Game

The True Story of Rodney Alcala

The Killing Game

Beginning in 1968 and continuing into the 1970s, a predator stalked California and New York, torturing, raping and murdering young girls and women. But who was the monster behind these tragedies?

Eventually, a suspect emerged, but he didn’t look like a monster. Indeed, Rodney Alcala was a handsome, charming photographer who’d once studied film at New York University under director Roman Polanski. With his wit and easy self-confidence and humor, he’d even been selected as the “winner” on the popular television show “The Dating Game.” But his real game was much more sinister.

In 2010, Alcala was convicted of murdering five women in California during the 1970s; then in 2013, as he waited on Death Row, he confessed to the murder of two more in New York. Yet, that might not be the end of the nightmare he caused. At his arrest, police found his “portfolio” with thousands of nude and erotic photographs of women and boys, who may also be among his victims.

In THE KILLING GAME, bestselling true crime author and radio show host, Alan R. Warren reveals the shocking details of Alcala’s brutal crimes, as well as the trials and appeals that stretched on for decades and may still not be over.