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The O.J. Simpson Murder Case

Voices of True Crime

The O.J. Simpson Murder Case

The House of Mystery Radio Show has been on the air for ten years, broadcasting in over a dozen cities in the U.S. It started as a way to interview guests knowledgeable in many of the world’s mysteries involving crime, science, religion, history, paranormal, conspiracies, etc. Voices of True Crime series is a curated collection of interviews from the show. Each volume focuses on an actual criminal case, or several, providing the background and reproducing the main points discussed in the interviews. This series is an excellent reference for researchers and a good overview for those unfamiliar with the case.

Volume 1 covers the O.J. Simpson murder case. Over the last century, there have been plenty of trials called “The Trial of the Century,” but of all mentioned, the O.J. Simpson case rose well above the rest. The fact that the accused murderer was a high-profile athlete and celebrity was almost enough to reach that status, but then the brutality of the murders made the world stagger. Throw in the fact that modern technology allowed every aspect of the case to be televised worldwide, including the infamous slow-speed chase and his sensational trial, and it’s no wonder this case achieved that title. House of Mystery interviewed several key players involved in this case: Marcia Clark, the lead prosecutor in the trial; F. Lee Bailey, one of Simpson’s “Dream Team” of lawyers; Kim Goldman, sister of victim Ron Goldman; Norman Pardo, Simpson’s manager for 15 years who whole-heartedly believes a serial killer murdered Nicole and Ron; and Andy Caldwell, the detective who questioned and arrested Simpson for the robbery in Vegas. Online links to the actual interviews are included.




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