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Zodiac Killer

House of Mystery Interviews

Zodiac Killer

The House of Mystery Radioshow has been on the air for ten years, broadcasting in over a dozen cities in the U.S. It started as a way to interview guests knowledgeable in many of the world's mysteries involving crime, science, religion, history, paranormal, conspiracies, etc. The House of Mystery Interview series is a curated collection of interviews from the show. Each volume focuses on one of the mysteries, providing the background and reproducing the main points discussed in the interviews. There will be no committed answer at the end, as the Interviews series does not attempt to solve the case. Instead, it provides the most compelling aspects of each theory held by different experts. This series is an excellent reference for researchers and a good overview for those unfamiliar with the case. Online links to the actual interviews are included.

Volume 3 of the Interview Series, "Zodiac Killer," covers another serial killer who has stayed in the spotlight for years after their case has gone cold. It's been over 40 years now, and fascination with the Zodiac is still going strong. Experts passionately debate Zodiac suspects, Zodiac's letters/ciphers, opinions, and theories. Even which murder victims to include in the case is widely debated.

The diverse mix of authors/researchers interviewed includes cryptologist and cipher expert David Oranchak, those who propose their suspects are already convicted serial killers, those who claim the Zodiac was their father, those who offer new or already considered suspects, and an author who argues the Zodiac killer didn't even exist at all and that the Zodiac Killer was a hoax.




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