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Review: Jolt (2021)

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David North-Martino

Jul 28, 2021

Review: Jolt (2021)

Jolt was directed by Tanya Wexler (Hysteria) and stars Kate Beckinsale (Underworld). 
The movie begins with a heavy-handed opening scene to explain all the details as if the studio didn’t trust the audience to get what’s going on. It is all a bit convoluted. 

We’re introduced to Lindy Lewis (Beckinsale), notice the superhero style alliterative name, a woman treated by a psychiatrist for an intermittent explosive disorder which pumps so much cortisol into her body that when she goes into a rage, she basically has superhuman strength and speed. Yes, she’s a berserker. To treat her affliction, she uses a shock vest to give her a jolt and return her to normal. 

If this all sounds ridiculous—it is. But it’s played for comedy and is also massively entertaining. 

After meeting a man who might be the love of her life (Jai Courtney, A Good Day to Die Hard) and discovering his fate, she sets out on a mission of revenge. This all happens quickly and makes it hard to believe her character’s motivation. For the sake of the fun, it’s best just to go with it and not think too much. 

Despite the crazy premise, Beckinsale pushing 50, and only weighing 108 pounds, they address the latter in the story. Somehow she pulls it off. Beckinsale carries the movie but secondary characters flesh out the world and they all do well. 

The ending goes a little long, the story is predictable, and the low budget gives the film a bargain-basement feel, but despite all this Jolt is a fun distraction. If it proves popular enough, maybe a sequel or a series will follow. 

If you like superhero films and revenge thrillers, give this one a try. You’ll find Jolt streaming on Amazon Prime. 

Story Doctoring:

I suggest removing the opening scene and taking extra time with the romantic relationship. Beckinsale’s character needs to be more emotionally invested with her new beau. 


Three out of four stars. 

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