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Review: The Suicide Squad (2021)

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David North-Martino

Aug 7, 2021

Review: The Suicide Squad (2021)

Vastly better than but not to be confused with Suicide Squad (2016), everything about The Suicide Squad (2021) has James Gunn’s fingerprints all over it. The dialog, the misfit characters, and the soundtrack harken back to the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy. While not as good as Guardians, Gunn's in his wheelhouse directing an anti-superhero comedy. 

The Suicide Squad earns its R rating in spades. Gunn fills the flick with over-the-top violence and gore, expletives, and even some light nudity. This might not be the best movie for family night. Although, the over the top bloodshed is hard to take seriously. 

If you liked Guardians, you’ll most likely enjoy The Suicide Squad. Although, Guardians is without a doubt superior.

The middle became a muddle and by the time I reached the last act I was ready for the picture to end. Yet, I found the film entertaining enough to recommend. My wife laughed out loud a few times. So, you know she’s sick and twisted. Haha!

With the actors, Idris Elba shines as Bloodsport. Although his character arc as a new leader, getting his footing takes a backseat to an Indiana Jones type phobia. 

Margot Robbie is more enjoyable here than in Birds of Prey. Harley Quinn works better as an ensemble character. Besides, there’s only so much of Harley’s accent anyone can take! 

David Dastmalchian who I feel is one of the most underrated actors working in Hollywood today, makes the best with what he's given. Dastmalchian lives his roles, but Polka-Dot Man isn’t the most interesting supervillain. Though, we get some very trippy moments that add to the fun.  

Viola Davis is perfect here as the tough and decisive Amanda Waller and plays one of the best non-super-powered roles in the movie. I actually think she’s the strongest actor here. 

The rest of the players are fine and Gunn ups the anti for anthropomorphic animals with The Wesel, King Shark, and even Ratcatcher 2’s… well… rats!  Also, the HP Lovecraft influence was a welcome addition to the proceedings. 

There is an undercurrent I didn’t altogether enjoy and felt the characters portrayed as rue villains got the short end of the stick. The emotion never really hits despite all the cliches inserted to pull at our heartstrings. They almost work, but not quite. 

Still, this was an enjoyable enough watch on HBO Max, but would I have thought the same if I’d shelled out for a theater seat? 

Story Doctoring:

Gunn could lop off a good 30 minutes and it wouldn't be missed. A leaner if not meaner film would be an improvement. Also, as noted earlier, Elba’s Bloodsport needs a clearer character arc. 

Rating Three out of Five stars 

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