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Jape's Blog: PETA-Supported Film "Living Things" is "The Sunset Limited" For Vegans

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Jape Man

May 17, 2014

Jape's Blog: PETA-Supported Film "Living Things" is "The Sunset Limited" For Vegans

Essentially "The Sunset Limited" for vegans, director Eric Shapiro's "Living Things" (which isn't currently in the Letterboxd database) is a propaganda film plain and simple but thankfully I happen to agree with the propaganda this PETA-supported film is peddling.

Focusing on a vegan woman named Rhona (played by the director's vegan wife Rhoda) who just found out she's pregnant, the film is about Rhona having to entertainment her meat-loving red-blooded American male father-in-law Leo who is visiting after suffering a heart attack. Leo's son (and Rhona's husband) is busy at work and will be late to dinner so Rhona is stuck having several arguments with Leo, mostly about how terrible it is to eat meat but so much more than that as well and eventually blooms into a full-blown violent attack.

They touch on so many subjects and while the film is very-much one-sided towards Rhona (Leo is portrayed as an unlikable asshat most of the film), at least it is the side I agree with that is being portrayed as the "right" side.

This is a tense movie. Very tense in fact.

I highly recommend people see it but if they don't have similar views as Rhona (or myself, even though I'm not a full-blown vegan I love love love vegan food and think that's the best thing we can do for ourselves and the world) or are not even remotely open-minded, maybe they shouldn't because the movie will make them mad.

But not me.

4.5/5 stars

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