The Killer Queens is a new series of historical fiction books that are based on true stories. I go through several documents and newspaper articles in order to get as many facts as possible. As with any work of fiction, there are some creative additions made to the story, usually within the conversations between the characters involved. I have used mainly newspaper articles or police reports as the basis of these conversations and hopefully made them come alive for the readers to help understand what was meant by those words.

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Latest Media Appearance

Guest appearance on HLN's TV Show Very Scary People (Season 3; Episodes 7&8) discussing Rodney Alcala, a.k.a. "The Dating Game Killer" and my book The Killing Game.


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Monday - Friday at 9 p.m.

Many talented people's writings and movies address the deep, dark mysteries of our world — across both Fiction (Horror, Crime, Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure, Romance, LGBT) and Non-Fiction (Crime, History, Science, Paranormal) stories.


Please step into the “House of Mystery” 5 nights a week and join us as we go deep into the creative process behind our esteemed guests' works.


Past Guests in Non-Fiction have included Marcia Clark (of the O.J. Simpson trial), Robert Kennedy, Jr., Jesse Ventura, Burl Barer, Nancy Grace, Aphrodite Jones, Mark Olshaker, Anne Bremner (on Amanda Knox), F. Lee Bailey, Tom Mesereau (on Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson), Roger Stone (on the JFK Assassination), Dan Abrams, Juan Martinez (on Jodi Arias), Michael Hawley (on Jack the Ripper), and Michael Butterfield (on the Zodiac Killer). 


Past Guests in Fiction have included Eric Shapiro, George Weir, John Copenhaver, Lee Goldberg, Gregory Ashe, J.D. Horn, Rick Poldark, Greg F. Gifune, Michael Bland, Geoff Symon, Gabriel Rottello, James Polchin, Lev Raphael, and Robert Fieseler.

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Martino Movie Reviews

David North-Martino has been a film buff and lover of movies all his life. He spent the summers of his youth and teenage years in darkened movie theaters and taking long walks home with armfuls of rented VHS tapes to escape the world. He worked in the broadcasting department of a local college, rubbing elbows with upcoming filmmakers, and helping them to realize their dreams. He has an extensive movie collection and loves talking film.

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The Shapiro Report


Eric Shapiro is a writer and filmmaker. The winner of a 2020 California Journalism Award, Shapiro is also the author of seven critically acclaimed fiction books, among them the novella It's Only Temporary (2005), which appeared on Nightmare Magazine's list of the Top 100 Horror Books, and numerous short stories published in anthologies alongside work by H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and many others. His nonfiction articles have been published on The Milpitas Beat, The Daily Dot, Ravishly, and The Good Men Project.