ALAN R. WARREN started writing articles in True Crime Case Files Magazine and is still a contributor to that one and Serial Killer Magazine. Since then, he has completed 20 true crime books for two different publishers (RJ Parker Publishing/Vronksy Parker Publishing in Toronto, Canada & WildBlue Press in America).

Alan is the host and producer of the popular True Crime History Radioshow House of Mystery heard in the NBC news talk radio network syndicated throughout the U.S. & Canada. It can be heard online in many different places: iTunes, YouTube, Tune-in, Stitcher Radio, IHeart Media/Speaker, Podbay, and Podomatic. You can read more about his radio show HERE.


His eight number one bestsellers in America include Above Suspicion: The True Story of Colonel Russell Williams (2017), Blood Thirst: The True Story of the Vampire Killer of Canada (2017), Deadly Betrayal: The True Story of Jennifer Pan (2018), Beyond Suspicion: Russell Williams A Canadian Serial Killer (2018), Hannibal the Cannibal (2018), The Moors Murders (2018), In Chains: The Dangerous World of Human Trafficking (2019), and Doomsday Cults: The Devil's Hostages (2019)His number one bestseller in Canada is Murder Times Six: The True Story of the Wells Gray Murders (2020)His number one bestseller in Germany is The Killing Game: The True Story of Rodney Alcala (2018)His number one bestsellers in Australia include Above Suspicion: The True Story of Colonel Russell Williams (2017), Blood Thirst: The True Story of the Vampire Killer of Canada (2017), Deadly Betrayal: The True Story of Jennifer Pan (2018), Beyond Suspicion: Russell Williams A Canadian Serial Killer (2018), Hannibal the Cannibal (2018), The Moors Murders (2018), and Grindr Serial Killer (2019).

** A Special Note from Al **

On Tuesday, April 2, this past Autism Awareness Day 2019, I decided to let my fans of both radio and writing that I myself am autistic. The struggle for me to speak the words that I could only read has taken many years of work and practice in order to fool broadcasters into hiring me for radio. Even then I kept it secret as I worked to allow the writer in my mind to be able to get those words on paper. I dedicate all of my public works to any others out there struggling with the same challenge that I have, as well as any obstacles you might have in accomplishing your dreams.” ​

- Alan R Warren​​

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The House of Mystery Radioshow has been on the air for ten years, broadcasting in over a dozen cities in the U.S. It started as a way to interview guests knowledgeable in many of the world's mysteries involving crime, science, religion, history, paranormal, conspiracies, etc. The House of Mystery Interview series is a curated collection of interviews from the show. Each volume focuses on one of the mysteries, providing the background and reproducing the main points discussed in the interviews. There will be no committed answer at the end, as the Interviews series does not attempt to solve the case. Instead, it provides the most compelling aspects of each theory held by different experts. This series is an excellent reference for researchers and a good overview for those unfamiliar with the case. Online links to the actual interviews are included. 


This book, Volume 6, covers the field of the Paranormal and the Occult. During the first ten years of the show, the paranormal field was very popular in society, including several television series covering ghost hunting, haunted houses, mediums communicating with the dead, witchcraft, and even Satanism. Spirituality was also discussed since religion is often given the power to either protect or attack one doing the investigation.  

The interviews selected for this book were chosen for the guest's believability and knowledge in their area of expertise. The book is divided into several sections covering mediums, parapsychology, occult influences such as the Church of Satan and Witches, and tools used in the field like Ouija boards, Tarot cards, Astrology, and Numerology.  

Mediums & Psychics: 

David Wells explains Past Life Regression & Qabalah, while Derek Acorah talks about his Spiritualist Mediumship in T.V.'s Ghost Town. Rob Gutro communicates with your pets in the afterlife, and Gary Mannion does Psychic Surgery to heal people. Mark Allan Frost channels a spirit named Seth, and James Van Praagh shows us Survival Mediumship Evidence.  


Paranormal Tools: 

Robert Murch details talking boards, including the Ouija board, while Michael M. Hughes gives the history of the Tarot & its many uses. Johnny Zaffis collects haunted dolls and more for his museum. Steven Frampton successfully uses Astrology to help people become successful in business, and Alison Baughman uses Numerology to make lives better.  


Religions & Occult: 

Magus Peter Gilmore runs the Church of Satan, while Winter Laake describes what Luciferin life is like. Jeffrey Seelman clears houses of dark spirits and performs exorcisms, and Krystal Madison is the "Witch from Sleepy Hollow." 


Mind Over Matter:  

Robert Waggoner has been Lucid Dreaming for over 30 years now, and Lyn Buchanan learned Controlled Remote Viewing while serving in the Military. Uri Geller uses psychokinesis to bend spoons with his mind, and Diane Corcoran has monitored Near-Death Experiences for over 30 years.  



Dr. Ciaran O'Keefe from TV's Most Haunted, Steve Parsons from ParaScience, and Lloyd Auerbach aka, "Professor Paranormal," discuss Parapsychology.





Latest Media Appearance

Guest appearance on HLN's TV Show Very Scary People (Season 3; Episodes 7&8) discussing Rodney Alcala, a.k.a. "The Dating Game Killer" and my book The Killing Game.