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ALAN R. WARREN is a Bestselling Author, producer and lead host of the popular radio shows House of Mystery and Inside Writing, both heard on 106.5 F.M. Los Angeles/102.3 F.M. Riverside/ 1050 A.M. Palm Springs/ 540 A.M. KYAH Salt Lake City/ 1150 A.M. KKNW Seattle/Tacoma and Phoenix.

Al Started writing articles for True Case Files Magazine and is still a contributor for Serial Killer Magazine. Since then, he has completed 24 non-fiction books covering true crime, cults, human trafficking, history, and memoirs for three different publishers, including RJ Parker/Vronksy Publishing in Toronto, Canada & WildBlue Press in Colorado, America.

His bestselling True Crime Books in Canada are Beyond Suspicion: The True Story of Colonel Russell Williams, which was featured on CNN's Lies, Crimes, & Videos in Season 4 in the Fall of 2022, and Murder Times Six: The True Story of the Wells Gray Park Murders. In America, his bestsellers include The Killing Game: Serial Killer Rodney Alcala, which has been featured on several television shows such as Very Scary People with Donny Walberg and Oxygen's Mark of a Killer, and Reelz' Killer Trophies and soon to be part of a four-part documentary on the Sundance Channel called Death's Date, and Doomsday Cults: The Devil's Hostages, which was featured on Vice's Dark Side of the '90s.

His latest series of books is called  Killer Queens, a 6 part-book series covering murders that affect the Gay Community. Book 1 - Leopold & Loeb, Book 2 - Butcher of Hanover: Fritz Haarmann, Book 3 - Grindr Serial Killer Stephen Port, Book 4 - Bruce McArthur: Toronto Gay Killer.

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Interview with Top Shelf Magazine discussing my bestsellers In Chains, Hannibal the Cannibal, and Last Man Standing.


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The Doodler Killer was a serial killer responsible for at least sixteen murders and three assaults of gay men in San Francisco between 1974 and 1975. He was called a doodler because he drew pictures of his victims before killing them. The term "black" was also given to him by some media because the survivors of his attacks described him as an African American. The Doodler Killer is still unidentified, and the case has never been brought to justice. The killer met his victims in casual settings such as gay restaurants or bars. He would draw cartoonish pictures of his victims and present his drawings to them to start a conversation, hoping to convince them to have a sexual encounter. While The Doodler Killer was active, the police believed there were two other active gay serial killers in the San Francisco area as well. Five drag queens were murdered in the Tenderloin district, and another six men were murdered in what they called the “leather community.” Police now thought they were dealing with a third serial killer of gay men with the Doodler. Little did they know that all of these murders, though different in the victim type and the murder method, were actually being committed by the same killer.


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"At the end of Murder Times Six, the reader is left with the ultimate question. Should a killer be released from prison? It’s a heartbreaking story, but it’s also a must-read. “He is the monster under the bed that we all fear, and in any good ending, that monster must be kept locked up." 

– Rod Sadler, Shephard Books

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